Noctex Black Skeleton Garters
What types of materials and tools do you like to utilize in your work?

Materials are the most important part of my design process. If the fabric doesn’t feel right, the design won’t matter. I try to use as much natural fibres as possible in my work, with hopefully more organic fibres to come in the future. Recently, I have been looking into ways to recycle or purchase excess fabrics that would otherwise be thrown out in order to create limited run pieces, or even just pieces for myself and friends. As far as tools go, I like to use anything I can. My collection of standard and non-standard sewing tools is constantly growing. That’s the most beautiful part of garment making, in my opinion, because after a certain point of learning the standard ways of making clothing, you can start to create your own.

What advice would you give to future fashion designers that wish to turn their love of art into a professional business venture?

Fashion is a huge industry with so many different jobs to offer, especially if you get the right education, it can lead to so many different doors. I know that most of my classmates may have started their journey wanting to have their own brand and business, but quickly found that there are many other jobs and roles to explore that are more creative in certain ways. In the grand scheme of it all, designing clothing is a small percent of my job as a small business owner compared to all of the book keeping, marketing, research, communication, shipping, and other little jobs I do. It really has to be something you are willing to put an undefined amount of time into. I definitely recommend it to those that are very self-directed in their working habits. My main advice is to keep an open mind when you are in the fashion industry, and always set goals for yourself based on your own needs and wants in any career. Most importantly, do not listen to people that tell you it is ‘too difficult’ to take the road you want to take. If you are willing to work for it, no one can tell you otherwise. I think if I had listened to even half of the friends, teachers or even family that told me my dream of running my own fashion line was ‘unrealistic’, and that I should go into a ‘secure’ career first, I would have been in some other field, unhappy and unsure. If you want a career bad enough, no one should stop you but you.

Who are your most influential style icons?

I do not pin-point people as inspiration for my work. I think once you use a still image of someone during a certain time as a reference, it is already an old idea by the time it is created into something physical. I try to always experiment with different aesthetics and ideas on myself in order to understand them first hand. In a way, I try to develop and progress at the same rate as my work in order to keep myself the muse, so that I always have a personal connection with my work.

What projects can we expect to see from Noctex in 2014?

2014 will be the first year with two collections. First is Spring / Summer 2014, that involves a lot of my personal hand sewing. I have taken all I have learned so far from school and put it into my designs and work. It’s the year where I can finally showcase my aesthetics as a designer without worrying about time or skill restraints, so there is a lot more to show.

I’d like to extend a big thank you to Negin for agreeing to take part in the interview and sharing such insightful answers with us. If you’d like to purchase any of Negin’s pieces, check out her official site and follow her on her Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages to keep up with the latest news and seasonal releases! Noctex’s official shop is also advertising a 30-50% sale on select Fall/Winter 2013 items, so be sure to check out the collection before the sale ends!


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