Rebecca Edwards Owner and Designer of Poison Candy Fashions

Rebecca Edwards is an American independent fashion designer hailing from Southern California. After graduating from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, Rebecca put her talent to use and began working as a freelance costume designer while residing in New Orleans in 2001. 

Rebecca’s brilliantly quirky creations often combine the bold pomp of rock and roll with the classical pin up flare of eras long past. It was this clash of two seemingly opposite styles that began to quickly cement Rebecca’s edgy brand and pique the interest of many local clientele.

After countless freelance gigs and an arsenal of designs under her belt, Rebecca relocated to Las Vegas and began working on her official site and online shop where she could offer a space to communicate with her growing fan base. With her intuitive fashion sense and love for all things retro and rock and roll, Rebecca eagerly provides unique and high quality clothing for the modern, fashion outlaw. If you would like to get to know this talented bombshell and entrepreneur, read on to gain some of her insights into her journey in creating her deliciously colorful brand, Poison Candy.

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