I had my eye on a number of LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs products for some time before purchasing a few of their iconic ‘apocalipsticks’. As soon as my package arrived I feverishly rifled through its contents and swooned over the sleek, matte black bullet packaging. That was one of the initial details that really caught my eye. When it comes to cosmetics I tend to be a bit of a magpie and am easily drawn in by anything that is eye catching or aesthetically pleasing.

I am pleased to share with you a uniquely alternative brand that does not only cater to those of us who are darkly inclined but also provides affordable, diverse products that truly pack a punch. If you would like to know more, please read on!

Lunatick Cosmetic Labs Apockalipstick reviewPrice: $15.00 USD

Quantity: 3.5 grams per tube.

Perks: Lunatick Cosmetic labs are proudly cruelty-free and 100% vegan! Their products are also free of talc and parabens.

Finish: Satin-demi matte finish.

Shipping: LunatiCK Cosmetics ships worldwide!

Lunatick Cosmetic Lab Apockalipstick in RPG


What I Like:

Packaging – Lunatick Cosmetic Labs package their lipsticks in sleek, black bullet shaped tubes. I think their punk rock and horror aesthetic lends a much needed edge to a sea of familiar cosmetic branding and mundane packaging.

Pigmentation – These beautifully creamy and opaque lipsticks apply like a dream with one swipe. I found that even the smallest amount of product provides a flawless application without any patchiness.

Price and accessibility –  I think it’s wonderful that an independent makeup company have created such calibre products with quite the selection that everyone can enjoy. At $15 US the apocalipsticks are an absolute steal and worthy investment for any makeup lover or collector.

Longevity – I usually always wear a lip liner when I apply lipstick so I decided to test it both with and without to get a more accurate outcome. With a lip liner and a conaiderable amount of eating and drinking I got a good five to six hours hours of wear. I noticed a bit of fading in the centre but that is completely normal and to be expected even with a matte lipstick. Without a lip liner it depended more on how much h I was talking, eating and drinking on but it usually yielded a solid three to four hours of wear.

Lunatick Cosmetic Labs Apockalipstick

What I Don’t Like:

Texture – One of the only downfalls of the formula is the gritty texture. When I applied the apocalypstick for the first time it felt slightly rough to the touch. It certainly doesn’t affect the application or evenness but it might be something to take into consideration if you’re easily irritated.


Lunatick-Cosmetics-RPG-Apockalipstick-SwatchLunatick Cosmetic Labs – ‘RPG’

Lunatick Cosmetic Labs Apockalipstick Bruja SwatchLunatick Cosmetic Labs – ‘Bruja’

Tips for Use:

  • Although the apocalypstick formula is long wearing I would suggest using a corresponding lip liner all over the lips to increase the longevity and provide a more natural fade as the day goes on.

Where to Buy: On the Lunatick Cosmetic Labs official site.

Rating: 5/5

Have any of you tried LunatiCK Cosmetics Labs? I am partial to the lipsticks and contouring and highlighting book but I am interested to know what your favorites are. Can we talk about how enticing those customers eye shadow palettes are!? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


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