Nikki's Magic Wand Cosmetic Spatula

As a makeup lover, there have been times when I’ve reached for my most coveted beauty product and sighed at the lack of product in the tube. It comes down to that crucial moment when you know you need to get ready and if you had the right tool in hand, you could easily extract at least another 20% of it. That’s why I love the ingenious, yet simplistic design of Nikki’s Magic Wand. When it first opened my package, it left me thinking ‘Why didn’t I come up with that?”.  Most of the default applicators make it nearly impossible to reach the entire contents of your beauty products so I thought this post would pose a solution for any of you looking to get the most of your makeup!

Product: Nikki’s Magic Wand

Price:  The wand retails for $9.95 USD or $15.00 USD for two units.

Packaging: The wand comes packaged in a compact, slender acrylic tube outfitted with a twist off lid to help maintain hygiene. What I love most about this item is that it’s easily camouflaged amongst any other cosmetic product. The professional, glossy black tube with gold detailing makes it a classic fit for any makeup bag.

Nikki's Magic Wand Dipping Into a MAC Dazzle Glass to Extract Product

What I Like: 

Practicality –  The flexible spatula applicator allows for a wide range of motion that fits into most cosmetic tubes with ease. I’ve used it to extract product from liquid concealers, foundations, lip glosses, mascara, liquid highlighters and even under eye brighteners. It’s an effortless way to get more out of your products and save a little money in the process. I regularly purchase high end beauty products  and I realize now that I’ve  missed out on a lot of lost product simply because of the lack of reach in the majority of these cosmetic items. Another wonderful aspect of the wand is that its easily cleaned with soap and water or makeup wipe and is very inexpensive. So, even if you find yourself confined to a budget, this tool is still something that is easily accessible to everyone and will never really lose its value.

Size – The one thing I do appreciate about the magic wand is its compact size. At only four inches long, it can be stored with ease in any purse or even a professional makeup kit for use on set.

Packaging- I love that the packaging was considered during the design process. The wand doesn’t look like the traditional sterile tool you’ll see a lot of makeup artists use. It’s glossy, chic and appears rather timeless in comparison to some beauty products. The black tube and gold accents really give you that sense of luxury and elegance.

Nikki's Magic Wand Dipped in Product

What I Don’t Like:

I think this product is a rather practical invention, given how much we as makeup enthusiasts tend to splurge on expensive products. I would love to see different size options available since it’s sometimes difficult to reach the very bottom of a foundation bottle or other large cosmetic bottles. Perhaps as the company expands they could create longer stemmed wands, as well as varying size rubber spatulas to offer some diversity.

Where To Buy: You can purchase this item on the Nikki’s Magic Wand official site or at a select few retail locations in the US that are readily listed on the site.

Tips for Use:

  • Take the applicator and insert it into any cosmetic tube that you wish to extract product from.
  • Gather product by simply swiping the sides and bottom of the tube.
  • Extract the wand from the bottle or tube and apply it directly, or to a sanitary artists palette.
  • For quick clean up, rinse under soap and water or use a makeup cleansing wipe to remove any existing product.

Rating: 4/5

If you would like to know more about this useful tool, head on over to the Nikki’s Magic Wand official site and be sure to check out their Facebook and Twitter Pages for more updates!


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