“The power of the products in this collection is evident in the intensity of the Cream Pigments- they are intense, raw colour but blend down easily exactly like an artists paint palette.”  – Alex Box.

Name of Product and Brand: Illamasqua Cream Pigment

Price: $27.70 CAD/$26.98 USD for 8g of product

Packaging: Acrylic, square container topped with a sleek black clip on lid, enscribed with the infamous Illamasqua logo.

Color Description:

Bedaub – Soft mint green: (matte)

Mould  – Deep  cool toned purple: (matte)

Hollow -Cool toned toffee shade: (matte)

Why I love it:

The first thing I noticed is how richly pigmented this product is. The colour builds beautifully and blends into the skin with minimal effort. If you’re involved in performance, body painting or applying any kind of theatrical make-up, this product is even more useful because it can be applied anywhere on the body and is also water -resistant. It makes for a fantastic base for your eyeshadows and glitters and utilizing a small amount, goes quite a long way. The 8g jar is well worth the $27.70 CAD and would be a great invenstment for any professional kit or beauty enthusiasts collection.

Why I don’t love it:

The description on the Illamasqua website states that the cream pigment is created in a special crease-resistant  formula. I have found that the end result can vary depending on the thickness of application. If you layer the pigment too thickly or do not set it with a powder, it will crease slightly. I found this especially true if you have  oily eye lids, as the natural oils in the skin tend to break down the makeup throughout the day.

Tips for Application:

  • Use a primer before application (especially if you’re oily around the eye area)
  • For a more sheer application, use a sparse blending brush to apply the cream pigment
  • For a rich color pay-off use a flat brush to pat on the product and deposit more color
  • Set with an Illamasqua powder eye shadow or any brand of your choice to ensure  longevity

Where to buy: www.illamasqua.com

Rating: 4.5/5

Want to know more? Check out my company profile and my interview with Alex Cummins, junior brand manager of Illamasqua.


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