Hayzstrawberry YouTube makeup guru candy inspired makeup look

Isabelle, also known in the digital world as Hayz Strawberry is a French Canadian makeup artist that has transferred her skills from her usual salon work setting to YouTube, where she teaches her subscribers how to create everything from colorful smoky eyes to editorial and theatrical inspired looks. I first came upon her channel when she mentioned she would also be attending the International Makeup Artist Trade Show in Toronto. I checked out a few of her videos so I would recognize her in person and I’m so glad I did.

I was initially struck with how much we had in common. The first tutorial that really caught my eye was her unique take on the classic vampire aesthetic.  Her design appeared almost futuristic and encompassed a kind of graphic beauty which I had never really seen before. I was instantly impressed and eagerly made my way through the rest of her videos. Her other tutorials sport such bold themes as fantasy masks, rock and roll glamour, brazen high fashion looks and even pin up. What sets Isabelle apart is her ability to be diverse. Her videos are always an inspiration and she never fails to amaze me whether she is recreating another artist’s work or a look of her own design. Most of Isabelle’s earlier videos focus on creating vivid smoky eyes but she has recently tackled an array of beautiful editorial and film looks, which are a clear testament to her willingness to challenge herself and improve her artistry.

Another thing worth mentioning is the fact that she always exudes a kind and helpful demeanor. I find her very approachable compared to some other YouTube gurus and I think that’s what makes her so appealing. The experience is somewhat akin to listening to makeup advice from a trusted friend. I had the pleasure of meeting her at IMATS last November and she was even lovelier in person. She sported the same warm personality as she does in her videos which just further reaffirmed how genuine she really is. I am surprised she doesn’t have more subscribers because her videos are always a pleasure to watch. If you would like to check out her work, please visit the links listed below.

You can find Isabelle on YouTube and Facebook!


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