‘Black’ by The Portland Black Lipstick Company
Price: $10.00 for (0.15 oz)
Finish: Matte

Pigmentation and Longevity – My favorite product of the bunch, this independent cosmetic company provides an all-natural and richly pigmented black lipstick that will not disappoint. The price may evoke a few traumatizing memories of your very first, inexpensive black lipstick purchase but don’t let this deter you. The color payoff is unrivaled and creates a solid deposit of color with one quick swipe. It holds up against a full day of eating and drinking which is a rarity among black lipsticks. With its truly impressive longevity and opaque pigmentation, I feel less self conscious when I wear it and less likely to touch up during the day.

Ingredients –The lipstick is devised from a mixture of plant based oils, beeswax, lanolin, mineral pigments, essential oils and is accented with the most intoxicating, peppermint scent. The unique blend of artistry, research and awareness involved in this cosmetic concoction makes it all the more mysterious and appealing to me.

Packaging – The only qualm I have with this it is the underwhelming lip balm applicator. The less than functional packaging can be clunky to apply, but is by no means a deal breaker. This could be easily remedied with the use of a lip liner and precise lip brush as it is well worth the extra effort, in my opinion!


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