In early March my boyfriend and I attended the Game of Thrones exhibit that was hosted at the Design Exchange in Toronto. The exhibit brought to life the world of Westeros by displaying the many costumes, weapons and props that made an appearance in both season one and two. We were surprised to find that admission was free and that we would have the chance to sit on a replica of the iron throne. I think that was the very moment that defined our trip and perhaps indulged a little childhood fantasy as well.  The lobby was strewn with house sigils as well as a decorative wall leading up to the show room. The staircase was lined with the silhouettes of flying crows and the words “take the black”. Needless to say, our excitement increased as we ascended each step.

Game of Thrones Toronto 2013 Exhibition

I have to say that although the entire experience was a highlight, seeing Michele Clapton’s beautiful costume designs up close really showcased the amount of work and attention to detail that goes into bringing an epic fantasy like Game of Thrones to life.  Michele also dressed the mannequins herself and included all of original drawings for each costume to show the evolution and final result of each design. Another great aspect of the exhibit was the wide variety of weaponry and props. It was surreal seeing specific items like two of Daenery’s petrified dragon eggs (which are much bigger in person than you would think!) Jon Snow’s “Longclaw”; Jacquin’s coin, Arya Stark’s “Needle” sword, Eddard Stark’s severed head and even a jar of wildfire, that Tyrion Lannister used to win the epic Battle of Blackwater Bay.

Game of Thrones Prop Weapons

We finished off the visit by viewing the Lord of Bones costume which was an exciting treat considering season three had not yet aired. We also had the chance to pledge allegiance to our favorite house (Targaryen) and waited in line to finally sit on the iconic iron throne. If the exhibit returns next year to a city near you, I highly suggest the visit.

I hope you all enjoyed a little more of a personal blog from me this time around and let me know in the comments if you have been to a similar exhibit and which house you pledge your allegiance to!

The Game of Thrones exhibit is coming back in 2014, check it out here.



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